Rest of Europe - Reptiles & Amphibians

On this page you will find pictures of reptiles and amphibians photographed by me in Germany, Greece, Madeira, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

You can scroll down to see all photo's or you can click on the underlined English name in the list (link) to see the respective photo.

  1. Agama Lizard - Hardoen
  2. Agama Lizard - Hardoen
  3. Balkan Geen Lizard - Reuzensmaragdhagedis
  4. Large Psammodromus - Algerijnse Zandloper
  5. Common Wall Lizard - Muurhagedis
  6. Madeira Wall Lizard - Madeira Muurhagedis
  7. Ruin Lizard - Ru´nehagedis
  8. Common Wall Gecko - Muurgekko
  9. Levant Water Frog - Oostelijke Meerkikker
  10. Perez's Frog - Iberische Groene Kikker
  11. Natterjack Toad - Rugstreeppad
  1. Western Spadefoot Toad - Iberische Knoflookpad
  2. Spanish Ribbed Newt - Ribbensalamander
  3. Pygmy Marbled Newt - Dwergmarmersalamander
  4. Grass Snake - Ringslang
  5. Masked Dwarfsnake - Maskerdwergslang
  6. Spur-thighed Tortoise - Moorse Landschildpad
  7. Yellow-bellied Slider - Geelbuikschildpad
  8. Peninsula Cooter - Florida Sierschildpad
  9. Stripe-necked Terrapin - Kaspische Beekschildpad
  10. Spanish Terrapin - Moorse Beekschildpad
Agama Lizard
Hardoen (Laudakia stellio stellio)
Mykonos, Greece
25 September 2012
Agama Lizard
Hardoen (Laudakia stellio daani)
Rhodes, Greece
26 September 2012
Balkan Green Lizard
(Lacerta trilineata)
Lesvos, Greece
24 April 2010
Large Psammodromus
Algerijnse Zandloper
(Psammodromus algirus)

Punta Umbria, Spain
25 May 2015
Common Wall Lizard
Muurhagedis (Podarcis muralis)
Mainau Island, Bodensee, Germany
9 July 2013

Madeira Wall Lizard
Madeira Muurhagedis
(Teira dugesii)
31 October 2013

This small lizard is endemic to the island of Madeira where it is abundant.

Ruin Lizard
(Podarcis siculus hieroglyphicus )

Istanbul, Turkey
23 September 2012

Common Wall Gecko
Muurgekko (Tarentola mauritanica)
Matalascanas, Spain
21 May 2015

This guy was running on the beach! Quite an unusual territory for a Wall Gecko!

Levant Water Frog
Oostelijke Meerkikker
(Pelophylax bedriagae)
Lesvos, Greece
1 May 2010

Perez's Frog
Iberische Groene Kikker
(Pelophylax perezi)
Palheiro Gardens, Madeira
4 November 2013

This species is found in southern France and across the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. It has been introduced to the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands (Spain), two sites in the United Kingdom (Sheppey, Kent and Newdigate, Surrey) and Madeira and the Azores.

Natterjack Toad
Rugstreeppad (Epidalea calamita)
Falsterbo, Sweden
19 September 2005

Western Spadefoot Toad
Iberische Knoflookpad
(Pelobates cultripes)

Trujillo area, Extremadura, Spain
2 May 2012
Spanish Ribbed Newt
(Pleurodeles waltl)

Trujillo area, Extremadura, Spain
2 May 2012
Pygmy Marbled Newt (Female)
Dwergmarmersalamander (Triturus pygmaeus)
Trujillo area, Extremadura, Spain
2 May 2012
Grass Snake
Karsiborska Kepa Nature Reserve, Poland
17 August 2012
Masked Dwarfsnake
Lesvos, Greece
25 April 2010
Spur-thighed Tortoise
Moorse Landschildpad
(Testudo graeca)
Lesvos, Greece
25 April 2010

Yellow-bellied Slider & Peninsula Cooter
Geelbuikschildpad en Florida Sierschildpad
Botanical Garden,
Hamburg, Germany
26 August 2014

The turtle on top is the Yellow-bellied Slider. The flatter one is the Peninsula Cooter.
There are three subspecies of sliders: Yellow-bellied Slider (Trachemys scripta scripta), the Red-eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans, see NA) and the Cumberland Slider (Trachemys scripta troostii).

Stripe-necked Terrapin
Kaspische Beekschildpad
(Mauremys caspica)
Lesvos, Greece
4 May 2010
Spanish Terrapin
Moorse Beekschildpad
(Mauremys leprosa)

Marismas del Odiel,
Huelva, Spain
23 October 2015
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